AI is the “enabling technology” for the coming global surveillance state… you will be watched by artificial intelligence

By the end of 2018, police departments across the United States will begin to use body cameras equipped with facial recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The technology is intended to scan all the faces in a crowd of people to help identify suspects and missing persons. The algorithm notifies an officer when their body camera has scanned a suspect, giving them the opportunity to act in some way.

The technology will indiscriminately analyze the details of everyone’s face in real time — a massive breach of privacy. The technology, intended to help law enforcement, will readily be abused and misused. This AI surveillance system, still in development, will be the “enabling technology” for the coming global surveillance state.

Everyone is going to be watched, 24-7. This will make it very easy to control people’s behavior and make them obedient to authority. This AI-driven global surveillance state will track your every move, understand your personality, and work to manipulate you. As everyone becomes watched and analyzed nonstop, it will be easier for authorities to tell people how to act, what to buy, what to think.

The tech giants that control 90 percent of the information that people read online are already trying to do just that, censoring intelligent commentary on controversial issues while de-monetizing and restricting access to channels and independent news publications that go against the status quo. Senator Richard Pan of California is even trying to force internet publishers in the state to verify their content with “fact checker” organizations. This is a way for Pan and other authoritarians to censor those who are speaking out about California’s forced vaccine laws. So-called fact-checkers routinely “debunk” articles and news stories that reveal the toxicity of vaccine ingredients and vaccine adverse events that destroy people’s lives. Senator Pan wants a warning label slapped on all “false news stories” while requiring publishers to provide a method to reach out to people on social media to warn of the false information. This is fascist, state-run media at its finest, while also enforcing propaganda through the “free press.”

With AI-driven facial recognition software deployed across the U.S., authoritarians can more readily identify suspects who are not conforming to the state’s ideas. This technology strips away privacy, autonomy, and provides a way for the government to enforce compliance and thought control.

It’s only inevitable: Innocent individuals are going to be targeted and abused by this technology. The AI quickly analyzes information from a database. This database may include images and personal information such as gender, age, hair color, or distinctive features, such as scars, freckles, or moles. The ultimate goal will be to glean as much information in these databases to more easily get a profile on everyone. The AI gets smarter and more efficient as more data is collected on people.

What will make a person a “suspect” in the future? Who will facial recognition AI target? What behaviors will put people on terrorist watch lists?” Today people are targeted for merely speaking out about an authority figure who has abused their power. (Related: Amazon patent admits it will listen in real-time for “trigger words” that could get you arrested and imprisoned.)

The technology gives police officers and government tremendous power to scan people 24-7 and know everything about everyone. Scientists at the Georgetown Law School estimate that 50 percent of American adults are already profiled in facial-recognition networks used by law enforcement. The personal information that Facebook collects on its users is being used by data collection firms such as Cambridge Analytica to analyze the personality, preferences, and politics of individuals to manipulate their purchases and votes. Facebook also uses facial recognition technology in photos posted online. It is very easy to connect all this data to these AI databases and create a personality profile on individuals and monitor them in real time. AI is the enabling technology to control, track, and manipulate people.

For more on the rollout of the AI-driven surveillance state, visit PrivacyWatch.News.

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