Newly released graph outlines financial connection between Big Pharma, lobbyists and Sen. Richard Pan

Is it possible that the “Disneyland measles outbreak” was faked, or at the very least, completely blown out of proportion in an effort to push mandatory vaccine legislation in California? It turns out, that timing was an incredibly important factor when it came to passing the Golden State’s SB277, which eliminates personal and religious belief exemptions for parents, requiring all students enrolled in public and private schools to receive the state’s full list of recommended vaccines.[1]

Jeffry John Aufderheide, founder of and the father of a vaccine injured child, says California Senator Richard Pan, who sponsored SB277, relied on insider info provided by lobbyists regarding the perfect timing for introducing state legislation – essentially guaranteeing the bill’s success.[2]

In his latest article, “Lobbyists Knew Optimal Time to Introduce SB277,” Aufderheide exposes the fraud committed by pro-vaccine groups masqueraded as grassroots movements and the collusion between them, Sen. Pan, Big Pharma and state lobbyists.[3]

The following is a summary of key points highlighted in Aufderheide’s report:

  • “On June 30th, after the passage of California State Bill SB277, State Senator Dr. Richard Pan publicly thanked grassroots group Vaccinate California and the California PTA for their efforts to eliminate the personal choice vaccine exemption for parents.[1]
  • “Several unnamed groups also were heavily involved behind the scenes. A marketing campaign entitled “I Heart Immunity” was created after the Disneyland measles outbreak and used as a vehicle to persuade public opinion to support Pan’s bill.
  • “Analysis showed lobbyists were connected to Senator Richard Pan and the California Medical Association. These key relationships assisted in the passing of SB277.”

“On the surface, it appears that a group of passionate parents spontaneously rallied together to support the passage of Senator Richard Pan’s California State Bill SB277 – a bill that takes away the choice of parents to exempt their child from being vaccinated,” writes Aufderheide.

However, further analysis reveals that groups and individuals well connected to Big Pharma, aided by an expensive marketing campaign, were the real reason for the bill’s success – not concerned parents insistent on mandatory vaccines.

Aufderheide warns that Big Pharma’s influence can infiltrate both grassroots and non-grassroots groups anywhere in the U.S. in an attempt to pass legislation favorable to their business model – even if it means harming or killing Americans with high-risk vaccines.

Lobbying for the right plan at the right time

In the illustration below, Aufderheide identifies the key players involved in the implementation of SB277, several of which are career lobbyists who make a living by advising politicians on how to successfully pass state bills. (Click to enlarge).



Credit: Vac Truth

Connections to California Medical Association lobbyists

“Two more important connections you should know about were discussed back in April by journalist Jefferey Jaxen. He wrote,

“After passing the Sacramento Health Committee vote, the bill was delayed as committee chair Senator Carol Liu wisely told the bill’s author Richard Pan ‘If I were you, I would not take a vote today.’ At the conclusion of the vote, Liu asked Senator Pan point blank how he wanted to proceed. To this, Pan, appearing to have no power to make the decision, turned to lobbyist Jodi Hicks and Janus Norman for advice.

“And that,

“Hicks currently is a founding member of the independent Sacramento lobbying firm DiMare, Brown, Hicks, and Kessler (DBHK). She is also the former chief lobbyist of the California Medical Association (CMA) who Pan, under her direction, was an active member as a lobbyist for doctors before becoming Senator.”[3]

To read the rest of Aufderheide’s report, click here.





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